We’re extremely fortunate to have seen our music video work published online in media outlets and music blogs across the state. We’ve even been featured in national music blogs and had a few videos selected to be in LA film festivals. It’s very humbling to see our work reach a larger audience.

You’ll find articles below where our music video work for clients is discussed:

Oshkosh Northwestern

Noell Kaylene in Hush

“At the same time, I was working with Alex Belville, the man behind the video company Mirrorless Productions. For 12 hours straight we shot a music video for the first single — the title track — on a beautiful Saturday in September just outside of town.” -Noell Kaylene

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Milwaukee Record

Imitation Diamonds Cover

“With a budget that tops out at, uh, whatever an old television and a book of matches run these days, director Alex Belville, Mozaic and Zed Kenzo, fittingly, manage to make “Imitation Diamonds” shine with the luster of a much more expensive music video.” -Tyler Maas


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Imitation Diamonds Group Photo

“As we’ve talked about before, the music video quality has went up 78 notches over the last couple of years. So, Mozaic and Zed Kenzo made sure to come with it proper…” -DJ Bizzon

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IndieNation – Indie Music Blog

Nate Wood in Hello Day

“This is a well produced video. Beautiful locations with slow motion drone flyer angles. Beautiful footage of the neighborhood and even a look into office space. The video does a great job of walking you through the song and giving you a visual representation of the lyrics.” -IndieNation

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If you would ever like to feature our work or interview us, we’d love the exposure, and appreciate the support. There’s so much behind the scenes work that goes into the creation of a music video or any video for that matter. It’s truly a collaborative group effort. We’d love to tell you more about a specific production and how it all came together.