We’ve put together a unique team of creators that love making cinematic video productions and taking film like photos. We’re artists, videographers, photographers, editors, directors and entrepreneurs. We’re passionate about helping others grow with professional content.

Our Mission

Mirrorless Productions LLC is a video production company devoted to creating cinematic videos for our clients, and helping them grow their brands.

Our Philosophy

We capture the moments you don’t want to miss. And we create film like videos while inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Our Team

How We Met

Alex met Cullen in a music industry class they had together at UW Oshkosh in 2013. By the end of Spring semester, they were telling each other about their passions. During the summer they started to hang out and quickly made their first music video together. Back then they weren’t professionals, but they were so eager to learn. As time went on, they collaborated more & more. Alex was just starting to freelance regularly and Cullen was freelancing his graphic work. They continued to make music & videos together, and began creating their art out of Alex’s parent’s second garage.

Fast forward to early 2015 where Alex decided to create Mirrorless Productions LLC. He knew he loved creating videos, but was waiting until he was done with school. In mid-January of 2015, Alex had an interim professor (who was also a business owner) offer him a video gig. She pushed him to create the company then. Alex realized there’s no perfect time to start something so he decided to go for it. He did some soul-searching and came up with the name. Cullen agreed to create the logo, an original font and all the graphics to get the business started. They put their ideas together and created a look that fit both of their styles. They went from students to professionals in a short amount of time.

In early summer of 2015, they met Chelsea at a local salon in downtown Oshkosh. They quickly became friends with her and loved sharing their art with her. By the end of October, Chelsea & Alex started dating. She began helping out on shoots and realized she loved photography and video production, too. Chelsea’s a hairstylist by trade, so she offered to do hair & make-up on a shoot and we realized how beneficial that was. She’s grown to love being behind the camera, too. She’s a great shooter!

Where We Are Now

Alex and Chelsea are now engaged, and Mirrorless is busier than ever! Alex shoots, directs & edits all of the videos for clients, while Cullen creates all the original music for productions. Both Chelsea & Cullen help out a ton behind the scenes, too. From providing advice to recording voice-overs for clients to being second shooters during weddings. They also capture a lot of our promo material. They are a huge reason why Mirrorless has grown so much in just two years. Our success is due to God allowing us all to cross paths.


Have questions? Contact us: mirrorlessprod@gmail.com