Mirrorless Productions LLC is a unique video production company offering cinematic video services in music videos, wedding highlight videos, business promos, and photography. We’re based out of Oshkosh, WI, but willing to travel anywhere. Focusing on general & special event videography, corporate productions, weddings, music videos, creative original films and documentary work; we can film anything you want. Our goal is to work with you to make your vision come to life. 

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Mirrorless History

Mirrorless Productions LLC was created in January of 2015 after founder Alex Belville realized creating videos was his dream job. He had been honing on his craft while working freelance years prior, and attending UW Oshkosh for Radio-TV-Film. Before Mirrorless, he was already working with businesses, shooting weddings videos, and creating music videos for hip-hop artists all across Wisconsin.

Alex started a video production company because it was something that stood for more than him. It’s a company that embraces being unique & different. We make films and capture photos for people from all walks of life, and every production is so unlike the last.

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 Owner Alex Belville

Director Headshot

Alex Belville is an artist, director, videographer/cinematographer, editor and actor. He’s been creating videos for 5 years now. He’s most passionate about directing music videos and being a part of the whole process. From directing, shooting, and editing them; he strives to make the artists’ vision come to life. His roots in film and music have been with him since a young boy. He creates organic visuals which defy how a story is told. Alex’s work ethic and ambition when creating his art helps him stand out.

Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mirrorlessprod


Capture. Create. Inspire.

In the summer of 2016, we came up with a sleeker slogan: Capture. Create. Inspire. You’ll see it in some of our original videos (like the one below) from time to time. It represents us well. We live to capture life’s precious moments through the lens, and look forward to seeing what we can create. But most importantly, we hope our videos evoke emotion in our viewers. We want to inspire you. We love giving you guys a behind the scenes look at how we work so occasionally we’ll share videos that do just that.

See our slogan in action:


Storytelling & Sharing

Every single person on the Mirrorless team is a storyteller in some way. Our focus is to always grow and tell stronger stories. By creating all types of productions, we’re constantly forced to try new things & tell them differently. We love the challenge.

Aside from creating the art, our favorite part is sharing it with the rest of the world. That’s where you come in. We can’t express how grateful we are when you share our work with others on social media. All of our profiles can be found @mirrorlessprod. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo or YouTube. We love getting feedback on our work because that helps us get better at what we do, so please feel free to give us honest feedback. Also, sharing is caring. When you share a photo or video we created, you’re helping us reach a new fan or client. That is where the real growth in our business comes in. We wouldn’t be able to chase our dreams with out you. Thank you!